Chemical X & This is #1

Hash One Collection

First unique generative collection minted on STX
Editions: 111

Hash Ones” was the very first generative art collection minted on the Bitcoin Layer 2 smart contract network, Stacks. Designed by Chemical X and the ThisIs#1 team to test the first commercial NFT Clarity smart contract and marketplace functionality on the early Stacks network in 2021, each Hash One was 21KB in size, and was sold for 1 STX (50 cents).

Only a handful of Hash Ones were released each day, but due to the limited capacity of the early Stacks mainnet, the minting of each batch would still cause several hours of network congestion. During one 48-hour network shutdown, the original #1 contract had to be upgraded, resulting in only 91 Hash Ones being minted out of an edition of 111.

In March 2023, the remaining 20 missing pieces from the original Hash One collection found another historically notable home on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Hash Ones #92 – #111 were inscribed as Ordinal NFTs (from inscription #68263 to #74569) bridging two major technological moments in the story of Bitcoin NFTs by connecting the original base layer with its new smart contract layer, through a single unifying collection of 111 pioneering artworks that, in 2021, initiated the generative art movement with Bitcoin smart contracts.


A sample of the collection

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