#1 - Past, Present, Future.

In our platform downtime we have been working with several artists and working towards bringing music to Stacks.

With our collective background in the art & music industries we can focus on helping and supporting artists that are new to NFTs and bringing a new audience into the Stacks ecosystem. We don’t intend to just produce more of the same. No replication without innovation.

We have several collections that we will be releasing in the coming months and if you are an artist that is interested in creating NFTs get in touch.

To add a little spice to the network in July 2021, Chemical X and Fatboy Slim created a limited edition of 1000 NFTs called No 1 Smileys which were free to anyone with a Stacks wallet. In another sign of the times only around 300 people took us up on the offer with some people minting multiple copies.

No.1 Smiley
Chemical X & Fatboy Slim

A collaboration between Chemical X and Berlin based techno music producer and DJ Pris. This very limited edition of 27 was produced as a giveaway for the Edge of NFT podcast.

Chemical X & Pris
Chemical X & This Is #1
Crash Punks

New Collections & Innovations coming very soon.

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