#1 Loyalty Program

Rewarding our community

The #1 loyalty program is the first of its kind, built to reward and support our NFT collectors and artists alike. Unlock exclusive perks with the new #1 loyalty program. Mint our artist’s NFT collections and redeem discounts on upcoming releases. 

Join a thriving ecosystem that rewards all our community. Our #1 loyalty program is designed to benefit collectors, artists, and us, as we create a mini-ecosystem built on NFT collections. Watch your rewards grow as our journey continues, and enjoy the added benefits we’re exploring for our loyal community.

Get ready to be rewarded!

View your current #1 Loyalty Points balance by connecting your wallet and visiting your profile – My #1. Redeemable collections heading your way very soon. Be sure to follow us on our Discord Channel for announcements.

Our valued partners

Procrastinate Pixels, the masterminds behind Nonnish and The Guests, have done it again with their amazing technology for our loyalty program. We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to work with such leaders in the space.

Supporting our community & our artists

Our loyalty program offers a win-win situation for both collectors and artists. Collectors get the chance to earn rewards by participating in the NFT minting process and have access to exclusive discounts on future releases. The #1 loyalty program also supports our artists by boosting the sales of their NFT collections, as well as creating a loyal community of collectors who are invested in their work.

What are the Benefits?

• 50% Discount on future mints

• Securing a guaranteed mint

• Access to exclusive collections only available to #1 points holders

• Increased artist engagement with other artists and collectors

The Future

While we are working on rolling out additional benefits to the loyalty program, there might be adjustments needed as things evolve, but they will always be made for the benefit of our customers. By participating in the loyalty program, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.


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