Chemical X

The Smiley Collection

The gateway opiate of the masses
Editions: 333
Remaining: -

A limited edition collection of 333 animated signature Chemical X Smiley Faces (10 different animations in 11 different colourways, making 110 individual pieces in an edition of 3 each, plus 3 super rare one-offs – and if you understood all that you are a maths genius).

Now the other interesting bit (that doesn’t involves maths): owners of these NFTs will gain a unique opportunity to become the OG kingpins, barons and dealers in the upcoming world of the NarcotiX Project, a world of highs and lows, uppers and downers  – a world yet to be revealed but which will span both the digital and physical realms.

Better get yourself sorted, yeah? They’re priced low to get you hooked, then he has you…

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Faces, Colours and rarities

Smiley: OG (Grey)
Smiley: Pixel (Magenta)
Smiley: Blob (Blue)
Smiley: Flip (Green)
Smiley: Burst (Gold)
Smiley: Rotate (Orange)
Smiley: STX (Purple)
Smiley: Tile (Red)
Smiley: Twist (White)
Smiley: X (Yellow)
Smiley: OG (Cyan)
Smiley: Twist
Super Rare
Smiley: X
Super Rare
Smiley: STX
Super Rare

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