Chemical X

This Is Number One

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This is number one. The creation. The start. The dawning. The outset. The genesis. The birth. The awakening. The inauguration. The opening. The launch. The origin. The first drop.

About Chemical X

Chemical X is a British contemporary artist who prefers to remain anonymous. His work does not appear in art galleries or auction houses as he prefers not to engage with the art establishment on those terms. He has shown in London, Lisbon, Berlin and Los Angeles and his work is regularly sold for figures in excess of $100k.

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HERE comes Zoom, the Funky Fungus sidekick to Dizzy the Wizable Kid (but more about him next time). Zoom…

“Try to be in the now.” What is now? When is now? Where is now?

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Abstract artworks created using a unique software program and manipulated by the artist, Dyle.

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