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Number One Compilation Album

Sound & Vision
Edition: 111 per track

The #1 Compilation Album will be the first of many, our aim is to bring lots of music artists to Stacks and Bitcoin so that we can utilise Parrot Radio and inspire more builders to see the opportunities to create utility for music artists. We launched ThisIsNumberOne with 4 original pieces of music from legendary artists like Fatboy Slim, Dave Stewart and Orbital with Chemical X creating the artwork for each piece.

Our mission is to continue bringing new artists into the space and working with artists to create the collection artwork for each album. 

Series 1, is a collaboration between 11 music artists and 1 visual artist, each artist has contributed 1 track each of which they will all be in an edition of 111. There is 1 artist that has created the visuals for each track keeping to a theme that allows you to see that each track belongs to Series 1. Each track will have 3 versions of the visuals, 1 super rare, 10 rare and 100 specials. 

We have worked with a wide selection of music for this album and will further increase the range of music with each album. We are very fortunate and grateful to have such a collection of extremely talented bands and producers such as Loyal, Payfone, Normanton Street, Stonewax, J-Filix, Stella B & Lyrical Alkhemist, Hypsoline, Molly Rose, Waywell, The Doorways, G.O.L.D. and the incredibly talented visual artists and animator Heath Tyler, he has worked on blockbuster films like Spider Man and is working on a few super creative and exciting NFT projects so watch this space.

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