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New grids on the block

Super Blocks

Super Blocks distills our favourite 50 superheroes and villains into their very essence. Using a technique known as ‘color-blocking’, an approach originally established in the 1900’s by the likes of Mondrian, Monet and Seurat, and brought back via contemporary references such as Tetris and Minecraft, these are heroes broken into their composite parts.
For the love of money


You know when an artist has created a classic, other artists start to reference it, play with it, reinvent it in order to take the idea further. LOVE by the American pop artist Robert Indiana is such a work of art. Chemical X's sculpture entitled 'Dollar, Euro, X, Yen' inspired him to create his own take on Indiana's icon image.Now in an edition of 60 unique colourways, these $€X¥ artworks will form a new collection by the artist.
Mint date announced soon
A pill for every ill


Are you a pill popper? Partial to a potion? Forever in the pharmacy? Don't worry, we'll sort you right out. NarcotiX are the next thing in digital drugs, able to cure all ills, improve your life, find you a partner, a great job, make you sing like Bieber. Or not. Whatever you want. A stash of 3333 little fellas gets you into the firm, the family, the cartel. Maybe you're just a user, maybe dealing for your friends yeah? Why stop there? You could be El Chappo, the Don, or you could be running the lab or owning the pharmacy. Each NarcotiX pill comes with the dosage, the effects and the side effects. Soon you'll be buying your own compounds, making your own drugs and running your own empire. These cheeky pingers will also get you into real world shizz too. Just keep an eye out. NarcotiX are coming...
On the streets in December


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Chemical X’s ‘Branded’ Series of artworks as an exclusive edition of three NFTs in three colourways.

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Trapped inside the Game With No Name, can Skully ever escape?

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Abstract artworks created using a unique software program and manipulated by the artist, Dyle.

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A limited edition collection of 333 of Chemical X’s signature animated Smiley Faces.

Never miss a drop

Say it with with pixels


The XLove Collection is made up of 50 original 1 of 1 artworks by Chemical X. Inspired by his previous works 'Love Is The Drug', these colourful pieces feature his signature smiley and circus typestyle.
Available on Gamma

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Pinky is heading into the centre of the cybernetic cortex with a series of quirky comic based NFTs.

International superstar DJ, musician and record producer.

One of the most recognisable faces in the world.

Co-founder of the band Eurythmics, musician, songwriter & record producer.

The artist behind Crash Punks. And more.

Legendary British electronic dance music duo.

A British contemporary artist who prefers to remain anonymous.

a slice of history

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The first collection of NFT artworks ever minted & auctioned using Bitcoin smart contracts on the Stacks network

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9,216 NFTs on Bitcoin with Stacks, inspired by sci-fi, anime, and crypto culture.

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Limited edition of 1000 NFTs called No 1 Smileys.

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Hash Ones were the first ever generative art collection minted on Stacks.

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A collaboration between Chemical X and Berlin based techno music producer and DJ Pris.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT?

An NFT (or non-fungible token) is a unique digital item secured by blockchains. Since each NFT is unique and distinct from another, they are quite different from traditional cryptocurrency tokens which are like-for-like (or, fungible) with one another.

There are countless practical applications for NFTs, most commonly the sale and transfer of digital works and other collectibles like artwork, songs, videos, game tokens, and more.

What is a Collection?

An NFT collection is a group of NFTs following a story arc or over-arching them, and often involves content evolution. A collection can be made up of one or multiple drops, and an artist can release multiple collections over time.

What is a Drop?

An NFT drop is simply the release or launch of an NFT collection. When a collection “drops”, it’s generally the time and date the NFT minting happens and becomes available to the public. Since scarcity equals value, collectors often watch for upcoming drops in order to be the first to purchase.

How can I get started buying NFTs on STXNFT?

Buying your first NFT might sound intimidating, but it can be an exciting experience, too! If you’re new to NFTs on Stacks and Bitcoin, you may need to follow a couple of steps to first obtain Stacks (STX) cryptocurrency, which is used to purchase NFTs on STXNFT.

Most simply put, you need to connect a supported digital wallet extension to STXNFT and allow usage of your wallet’s cryptocurrency for the purchase of an NFT.

While we have no explicit affiliation with Hiro, we recommend using the Hiro wallet extension for the best experience. You can download the Hiro wallet at

You can learn more and follow a few short steps on this blog post.

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