Chemical X & Collaborators

The Genesis Collection

Edition: 5 artworks

These five artworks were the first collection of NFT artworks ever to be minted and auctioned using Bitcoin smart contracts on the Stacks network, representing an important moment in the evolutionary story of Bitcoin.

These unique, historical NFTs were created by the anonymous artist Chemical X in collaboration with actor and supermodel Cara Delevingne, international superstar DJ Fatboy Slim, co-founder of Eurythmics, legendary musician & producer Dave Stewart and stadium-filling electronic music icons, Orbital.

Each piece is also the very first NFT made by the artists and all include totally original music, unique art and collages, made exclusively for this collection.

Minted in May 2021 these artists were all way ahead of their time.  Representing a piece of their history. Their number one.

The collection

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This is number one. The creation. The start.

My first word was ‘mine’.

Fatboy Slim and Chemical X Smileys.

“Try to be in the now.” What is now? When is now? Where is now?

Let’s go back to Number 1.

The collaborators


Cara Delevingne
Fatboy Slim
Dave Stewart
Chemical X


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