Title: Channel #1
Artist: Orbital & Chemical X
Edition: 1 of 1

There was a time, back when TV was the only domestic provider of moving images on a screen. Viewers were regularly hypnotised by short bursts of graphic animations and ear worm sonics, indicating which broadcaster was claiming the screen for themselves. These interludes of brand identities seeped into the subconscious as they slowly morphed over the years with the intervening technological innovations moving them from conventional skills to digital animation processes. As 3D animations took over from the analogue and our souls became diluted a little more. Let’s go back to Number 1.


Made up of brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll, Orbital have been at the heart of UK dance music since the 90’s. Their infamous Glastonbury headliner performance in 1994 brought the underground music scene into the mainstream and made hits of their now classic tracks ‘Chime’ and ‘Belfast’.


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